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Single Tower Water Driven Units

 Single Tower Water Driven Units

Senter360 SingleTowerWaterDrivenUnits01

  • The Quick-Tow centre pivot hooks up to the tractor lift arms for quick and safe towing.
  • The Quick-Tow centre is proven to be even stronger than the superior strength span it is connected to and were undamaged after a span were pulled to destruction.
  • The pivot point shown can also be utilised as a one tower electric unit. Because there is no collectorring available, the power supply cable will have to be uncoiled after three rotations. In normal towing applications the centre pivot will be moved after one or two rotations, alleviating this problem. (A four legged centre with full collectorring is available as tow and non-tow units and as a four-wheeled unit.)
  • The span lengths are from 44.8 to 64m long and 127mm in diameter with a 26m overhang.
  • On the drive train, the standard drive unit are utilized but the electric motor replaced with the water rotor.

This one tower center pivot can easily handle up to four to five circles. 

Description ha/circle total 4
total 5
Wetted area without endgun
2.6 10.4 13
Wetted area with 15m endgun
3.5 14 17.5
Senter360 SingleTowerWaterDrivenUnits02