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Centre Pivot Specifications

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The pivot structure with its three internally mounted cross braces per side (four on the high profile models) provides more than enough strength and durability to handle radial, vertical and horizontal loads.

The stainless steel cable conduit seals and low cost, extremely durable riser pipe seal require virtually no maintenance.

Coupling to the first tower is by means of a standard pivot flex (Not an optional extra).

The system is controlled by SA designed and built mechanical and electronic control panels making use of standard 230 Volt control circuit. All electronic panels are backed by a mechanical system and have modula panels for easy upgrading.

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Span & Overhang

The spans are probably the strongest on the market in SA. This is achieved without adding extra weight and by making use of up to eleven pipe trusses per 57.6m span.

Truss rods are 20 mm in diameter and per tower consists of four tower truss rods with 20 inter long truss rods and 4 inter short for the 64m span; 20 inter long truss rods for the 57m span; sixteen inter long plus two inter short for the 51m and 12 interlong plus four inter short for the 45m span.

Each of the four overhang pipes has its own set of support cables with three sets of back cables for the various span lengths.

All pipes are 6,4m in length irrespective of the diameter and are thus easily transported and installed.

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Drive Unit-Base Beam

The standard 4,5m long heavy duty base beam (5.9m for the high profile models) ensures stability over uneven terrain and during windy conditions. Drive unit legs are made from 100x75x6 angle iron and reinforced with horizontal and diagonal braces.

The ball & socket joint between large diameter spans, prevents operating loads from being transformed from one tower to the next.

All in all the Senter 360 pivot was designed and is built to last.