At Senter360 we have a simple policy of doing business with the highest standards of integrity. We, therefore, pride ourselves in not merely selling a product, but building long-term relationships.

Designed and built in South Africa since 1994, Senter360 centre pivots are known for its superior construction quality and strength above industry standards and we as a company is renowned for its excellent sales and after sales service.

We do not only build and sell a commodity, we’re proud of what we do!
Senter360 offers standard industry guarantees on all our products. Guarantee claims have been paid out after more than 5 years – but it so very seldom happens!

Senter360. We stand by our clients.

I-Feeder Dosing Pumps Information
Centre Pivots
The pivot structure with its three internally mounted
cross braces per side (four on the high profile models)
provides more than enough strength and durability to handle radial,
vertical and horizontal loads.
Single Tower Water Driven Units
The Quick-Tow centre pivot hooks up to the tractor
lift arms for quick and safe towing.
Dosing Pump Option
Here we examine the variable volume dosing pumps.
Pump Models
The VSD controls the motor speed. Signal incoming capable
from 4-20 mA, 12 Volt or pulse as generated by the flow
meter or computer.
Parts List
I-Feeder Dosing Pumps Information – MXD Mixed Parts List
We know our clients, we know their unique problems and
preferences and we know the shortfalls in centre pivot irrigation.